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Finally, I have started my first blog. First of all, thanks to Almighty for enabling me to do this. Thanks to my parents, who brought me to the light of this world. Then of course, thanks to all my close ones and friends who always inspire me to be someone, to do something worth doing. For a long time, I did not know I should listen, I should ask and I should think. They made me understand that this is what every human being should do everyday. But think about what? The answer was simple – ‘Everything’, mostly ‘About Us’.

The Human Brain

Thinking Object
(Picture downloaded from google)

That is where the true education actually begins. Because, what we get from schools, colleges, universities are more like ‘ready made foods’ which we just devour. I do not think that we can actually learn a lot from those institutions. Surely, they teach us to become a part of the society, to become self-reliant. But, they are incapable of teaching us how to contribute more to the society, to the world. Because, unintentionally, they teach us to be selfish, coward, unethical etc. Otherwise, why would educated people do more serious crimes than uneducated ones? Why would educated people get away without paying any penalty after committing a crime when the uneducated people do not? Why would  educated people take part with the criminals and earn fortune while the poor, uneducated people suffer? Why? Anyway, soon there will be more of these whys coming. I wish and believe, many are be able to give me some good answers.

I can offer a tip. Answers of all these questions; will come from ‘Thinking’. Why? The answer is not actually, particularly for me; but,  for all of us individually. How? Thinking opens a person’s mind beyond his/her imagination. Thinking has solved thousands of problems from beginning of the human race to till date. These are not my words. Scholars like Socrates, Aristotle, Jesus(PBUH), Mohammed(PBUH), Buddha, Gandhi have revealed this secret for us. They thought, and they have given us answers. If we do the same, I believe, we can find at least some answers. Today we need to think more and more, as we are facing more problems everyday created by ourselves. Why? How? What? Let us think.

My recent posts

  1. The Difference – We are Human. I do not know how did we get this name, what is the true meaning of it? Anyway, that is not the point. The point is we are not animal. Though we are from the Chordate genre of the animal kingdom….
  2. The Difference Continued – After the last post; now, how are we different? I know, many will differ with me, may be some will even curse me for writing such stuff. They might even keep shouting among themselves (as they are unable to get me in their reach) that, this guy should be punished like this or that, as he is comparing us with animals….
  3. More, The Difference – Humans and humans. What is the difference? One has an uppercase ‘H’ and the other has lowercase ‘h’. One is bold, the other is not. Is that the difference? I sure hoped so….
  4. Few More Words, The Difference – I had to bring example of animals just to make a contrast between thinking styles of us and them. I wanted to say (many may like my idea, many may not), do we actually think so different from them? They are incapable (by the looks of it) of thinking, we are capable….
  5. Education? First thought! – What is education? Why do we need education? How do we get education? These are very primitive questions. Even kids know answers to these questions. I used to think so. But do we really know the answers? I used to think, education is an open process of learning where anyone can learn anything, become anyone and do what is right or righteous…
  6. Education? Intermediate thoughts! – What is actually the present meaning of education? What is its purpose? What do we see in the educated people? Is education really serving its purpose the way it should? Or, are we making something else of this thing or word or idea? Why would anyone ask such questions? Education is not a person; it is the name of a system or idea. How can it do anything to anyone? It is how we use it. Absolutely, that would be my point in some extent. Then again, why?…
  7. Education? Advanced Query! – The sun shines, the moon lights, the birds sing, the animals graze, the rivers flow, the trees grow… This is an example of bad learning (from Education). I could not even make a proper rhyme. The sentences above are all universal truths. I did not have to be institutionally educated to learn all those. But,…
  8. !Continuation! – In this short lifetime, I noticed that some things continue and some things do not. Among the do nots the first thing is, our ‘Innocence’. This word includes and concludes almost everything.

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  1. Why the like button is not here? A very good writer you are indeed, thumbs up

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